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Welcome To Boot Camp
This website is new and the site will be updated soon as possible.! thanks to all our members and Felsen for makeing this succes guild!

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felsenbc, Jan 20, 11 7:20 AM.
Our guild has reached level10. What this means is quite obvious if you are into the guild perks, but almost nothing otherwise.

For all bootcampers who happens to have reached Honored reputation with Boot Camp. Happy news, you can buy a +5% xp heirloom cloak that works at level1-85 in the guild shop. The price is a measly 1200 gold, so keep your hard earned justices.
Obviously of little value if you dont have alts. Except for the fact that int version of the cloak is actually a tiny bit better than the hyjal rag for some caster classes. So check Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak (Item) its better for mages than the hyjal rag since mages are happy enough fellas and dont need any more spirit thank you,

Passwords and other access informtion

felsenbc, Jan 20, 11 7:13 AM.
Notice that websites and guild information contain locations, sites, places whatever to visit when you need use that service. For obvious reasons passwords are not printed in websites. Bootcamp members can ask their officer what the current password is.

Mumble server.

Thalzia, Jan 19, 11 3:09 PM.
Here in Boot Camp we use mumble, download it plz -> Http:// Get Version 1.1.6 -> make connect to address -> Port: 1337 -> Password:                     ->  very importan only go to the johnson channel! you can to watch it in info in guild :D!

We need Tanks!

Thalzia, Jan 11, 11 11:26 AM.
Right now in Boot Camp we focus on our raids trying getting tanks.. More will come up soon :)

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Thalzia, Jan 11, 11 11:23 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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